Side Massage Course

Side Massage Course

A set of general manoeuvres designed to work with patients positioned in lateral decubitus and special applications for pregnant women. This course is an excellent complement for all experienced masseurs who want to incorporate novel variants into their work, learn the necessary care and thus achieve much more effective results with their patients.

Returning a feeling of lightness and freedom to the spine during pregnancy

From a technical point of view, this work in the position
Lateral decubitus is defined by a set of maneuvers in the style of Californian Massage and Esalen® Massage that generate the context from which the work is supported, complemented with Deep Myofascial Massage techniques to correct changes
postural and chronic pain, Harmonic Hammocks® to restore a feeling of lightness and freedom to the spine and a detailed study of the pressure points that should be contacted or avoided during the different stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

What you will learn
in the course

This course presents a set of general maneuvers designed to work with patients in lateral decubitus position and special applications for pregnant women.

In this position, therapeutic work is done mainly in the lumbar and pelvic areas, making it easier to access this area. We will also include treatment for symptoms such as low back pain, sciatica, breathing problems, constipation, cramps and edema.



  • From June 27 to 30


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About the teacher
Mahima Kaspar

Graduated from the Oasis School of Californian Massage, where she worked as an instructor in the Pregnancy Massage course, Oasis Californian Massage and as Co-director of the North Zone Headquarters.

She currently continues as supervisor of this school. She has received Level I and II Reiki with Carlos Blanco and Zen Shiatsu certification at the School of Valerie Gaillard. She studied Hawaiian Massage with Lucila Gallucio. In recent years she has been facilitating tantric exploration through cashmere massage and sensitive massage, from the Escuela Argentina de Tantra. She received training in Kobido, Japanese facial massage with Patricia Guerra.

She has explored the Dance of the Five Rhythms, taking seminars with Argentine and foreign teachers, as well as Traditional Dances and Songs from different cultures. She taught naturopathic cooking classes for seven years.
After the birth of her second child, she went even deeper into working with pregnant women. She participated in the Doula training course, taught by Asela Calhoun, studied Body Mind Centering for pregnant women at Silvia Mamana’s studio, participated in seminars and lectures by Michel Odent, Elizabeth Noble, Guadalupe Trueba and others. She has accompanied some births as a doula.

She worked as a volunteer for the Asociación Civil Dando a Luz, from 2003 to 2011, where she was in charge of women’s meetings and was part of the training team for professionals. She participates as a teacher in the professional training courses of “The Pregnant Couple in the Water Way”. In recent years she has participated in several Body Reading seminars with Nereida Fontes Vilela. She was trained as an Educator in Infant Massage at the Argentine Association of Infant Massage. Coordinates private classes and groups of moms, dads and babies to share this technique. Incorporated principles of Infant Reflexology virtually with Angeles Hinojosa. She participated in workshops of Rhymes with Movement, coordinated by Tamara Chubarovsky. She took an introductory workshop of Emmi Pikler and Anthroposophy with Silvina Fridman and Ignacia Gonzalez Rena.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences. Everything she teaches and shares has been experienced as a path of contact with herself.

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