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Our school has a team of dedicated and committed professionals, all in love with the art of conscious and loving touch. In addition, we have a large network of massage professionals in the following areas
Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and several cities in Spain.

The Spazio Masajes team


She started her training as a therapist in India, in 1994, where she lived for 2 years at Osho Comune International experiencing different bodywork techniques such as rebirthing, massage, colorpuncture therapy and many different methods of transformation, accompanying this process with an honest conscious exploration of emotions through meditations and therapeutic dance such as the five rhythms of Gabrielle Roth. With over 23 years of professional experience, he has lived and worked in Australia, Argentina and Spain.
She has been trained in Californian Massage in 2000, at the Oasis Massage School, graduating and playing her role as assistant and instructor in the different courses for 6 years, accompanied by Ingrid May and Marcelo Bartrolí. He is also trained in the technique of Harmonic Hammocks®, Deep Tissue and Trigger Points. In addition, she completed advanced training in Family Constellations for therapists (2005) with Vedanta Suravi and Svagito Liebermeister and training in Zen therapy (2010) with Svagito Liebermeister. Currently, she gives individual sessions and coordinates courses and trainings of Californian massage in several cities in Spain, through which she transmits the essence of this work, leading clients and participants to feel a higher level of wellbeing and awareness. She is internationally certified as an Esalen® massage therapist by the Esalen Institute of Big Sur (California) and has completed the Somatic Experience® training.


In 2005 she came into contact with the world of personal growth and trained as a Gestalt therapist. In 2008 he discovered Californian-Esalen Massage with Sujati and the Spazio Massage school. From the first moment she is captivated by this technique and sees a tool to work the body. Within the Californian Massage training, she is also trained in pregnancy massage, deep tissue, and is internationally certified as an Esalen® Massage Therapist by the Esalen Institute of Big Sur (California). She is also trained in different fields related to the therapeutic world: Master in Gestalt-Coach, Family Constellation workshops, the proto of the SAT Program and the first level of Usui Reiki. She has been an instructor at Spazio Massage since 2015 and has completed Somatic Experience® training.

María Lucas Profesora Masaje Californiano en España Barcelona Madrid Baleares Bilbao Santander Galicia


Californian Massage and Esalen® Massage Therapist, director of Espacio Calithai Masajes. She began her training in Californian Massage living in Argentina in 2006 where she discovered the Oasis School of Massage and Healing Arts. In 2008 she moved back to Madrid where she met Sujati, with whom she collaborated as an assistant for the Spazio Massage® School.

The path continues to be nurtured on the basis of personal experience and training. She is certified in Esalen Massage, Deep Tissue (with Yamuna and Roger – Oasis) and specialization workshops with Ingrid May (Oasis). In 2015 she inaugurated her own work space in Madrid: Espacio Calithai Masajes, where she is dedicated to giving Esalen Californian Massage sessions and participating more closely with the Spazio Masajes® School, opening the internship space for students. You are in your second year of Somatic Experience® training.

“I contemplate the body as a key to inner exploration that leads us to silence and to the intrinsic joy of life.”


Since 2010 she has been linked to the work of personal growth and in 2014 she began her training in Californian Massage at the Spazio Massage® School in Barcelona. She is trained in Californian Massage, Deep Tissue and Harmonic Hammocks®. Since 2016, he has been collaborating as an assistant in the school’s trainings . On a monthly basis, she supervises the students’ practices in Californian massage.
In 2019 she obtained the International Certification in Esalen® Massage.
“My development in the field of bodywork is linked to my life processes and today I share my experience through massage to accompany others to inhabit their bodies and to recognize themselves in the here and now.” She currently offers individual sessions in Barcelona and is a Spazio Massage ® instructor. You are in the first year of Somatic Experience® training.


Gestalt Therapist (Institut Gestalt, 2012). Since he was very young, the search for his vocation and his own illness have been the driving forces behind his life. After a long path of exploration, in 2019 she discovers Spazio Massages® ; she is trained in Californian Massage, Deep Tissue, Harmonic Hammocks® and Lateral Massage. Through touch and Californian massage she put her sensitivity, intuition and experience at the service of others.
She takes care of her own energy through yoga and expressive movement. Contact with nature, silence, her partner and her daughter are also the backbone of her life. His fields of interest are the corporal approach to trauma and energetic therapies. He currently consults at the Barcelona center (Gestalt Dimensions), coordinates the school of Narrative Therapy and is an instructor at Spazio Massages.


She has a degree in Corporal Expression (Univ Nacional de las Artes, ARG) and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Dance Therapy.
Pilates instructor, since 2008 running her own studio Munay Pilates in Argentina, until 2022.
She trained at the Oasis Californian Massage School (2010) as a Californian massage therapist and after completing the teacher training of levels I,II,III and Deep Tissue, with Nadia Mac Namara, Roger Jackson and Ingrid May, and the Trigger points therapy training with Alejandra Hadjuk, she taught these courses at the school. Together with Klgo Sebastian Cillo he taught Anatomy and Physiology (annual course at Oasis School) since 2017. She also trained in family costelations with Lic. Vanina Durruty in Runa Wasi and in Bach flower therapy at the Bach center in England.
Since 2012, she has been working in her private practice where she uses massage to accompany the processes of the body as a physical-emotional unit.
“This kaleidoscope of personal experiences, training and work continue to carve a path in which the body and contact are a pathway to a state of presence available to encounter with each person I work with. Presence that embraces and honors the Mystery of what is and what happens in silence.”

Collaborating Professors


He is a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing®, Californian Massage and Esalen® Massage, yoga teacher, Certified in Circling and a philosopher. Throughout his life, he has had a spiritual quest that has led to the integration of his studies and career with a spiritual focus.

He has been working as a somatic therapist for 16 years and was the Director of Oasis – School of Californian Massage and Healing Arts, Buenos Aires between 2012 and February 2022.

Roger is trained in a variety of other bodywork techniques, including deep tissue massage, activation points and Harmonic Hammocks. He has a regular 5 Rhythms® practice and has spent a lot of time meditating with Advaita Vedanta teacher Tony Moo, affectionately known as Mooji.

He currently lives in East London, where he sees clients one-on-one and provides group classes with a focus on regulating the nervous system as a tool for self-empowerment, trauma resolution and deepening connection. He travels internationally, teaching throughout Europe and South America

Eva masaje californiano España Sujati Barcelona Canarias Madrid formación Esalen profesional


When Hawaiian massage crossed my path, it marked a before and after in my career. It was a unique and
different therapy from any other I had tried up to that moment.

It is an honor for me to make my passion my job and to share this wonderful technique through the different trainings and retreats that I organize and teach in different cities of Spain, (at the moment almost 200 people have already been certified with me between Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia, Ibiza, Asturias, Basque Country and Tenerife). I create spaces where you can learn the techniques of massage and at the same time soak in the Hawaiian culture and philosophy. Aloha is an attitude and being happy is a choice!

Collaborators of Oasis Massages


She is a pediatrician graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with training in stress psychoneuroinmoendocrinology and in polyvagal theory. Currently and for the last 3 years teaching the course of neurophysiology of massage at the Oasis School of Californian Massage and Healing Arts.
After years of hospital practice and academic teaching in both hospital and university contexts, she completed her training in Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology and stress management at the prestigious Favaloro University in Buenos Aires.
This training is a milestone in Lorena’s career, which will mark a new way of looking at the health-disease process from a broader and more comprehensive perspective. This new perspective on medicine also led her to become interested in other fields of knowledge such as psychology, philosophy and the study of consciousness, particularly in the work of Ken Wilber.
She coordinates for several years, together with other professionals, group workshops on stress reduction through psychoeducation and Mindfulness practice. She also gives theoretical and practical group seminars for patients with chronic pain and psychophysiological disorders together with Sebastian Cillo. They jointly created RID (Integrative Resignification of Pain) www.neuroeducacionendolor.com, a comprehensive approach for patients with pain and other stress-related illnesses.
Within the psychological field, he is trained in Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and in Analytical Psychology within the framework of SUAPA (Uruguayan-Argentinean Society of Analytical Psychology), dependent on the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology).
Lorena has been practicing meditation assiduously for more than 10 years. He explores in parallel other avenues of contemplation such as Unitary Perception and non-dual practices.


Between 1992 and 2023, he went from being a computer scientist in Rome to finishing his Osteopathic Medicine degree in Buenos Aires.

In this interval of time and space she trained at the Oasis Californian Massage school (2016) as an OASIS Californian Massage Therapist and in 2018 she obtained the International Certification 100hs Massage Esalen ® with Ingrid May and Silvia Guerzensvaig. The Californian Massage experience was a turning point in my life.

Also in 2009 he participated in all the basic conferences of the Silva Method certified by the Silva Internation. Inc. Since 2021 she has been assistant professor of Anatomy at the Fulcrum School of Osteopathy (Buenos Aires) and teaches private and group classes. He had the honor of being the teacher in 2023 of Comprehensive Anatomy for Californian Massage Therapist for the Oasis School.

With the passion to teach in 2022 together with a dear colleague Sandra Diaz has created the OsteoIntegra space and conduct workshops and retreats where they integrate osteopathic techniques with different approaches to body treatment.

She has her private practice in Buenos Aires, putting all her passion towards the care of people, offering multiple approaches to bring relief and balance to the body and mind. “Massage and osteopathy are his vocation, he considers that the ultimate reward is not money, but “to provide even a moment of well-being to the person who trusted me.”

Sebastian Cillo

Sebastián has a degree in Physiatrist Kinesiology. (University of Buenos Aires) since 2002.

Member and Therapist endorsed by the PPDA (Psychophysiologic Disorders Association of USA) as the only representative in South America.

He has a long career as a teacher in different universities in Buenos Aires (2008-2017).

He currently specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and psycho-physiological disorders through an integrative approach based on neuroscience, psycho-education and stress medicine.

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