Californian-Esalen massage, the anti-stress massage par excellence.

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The Esalen Californian massage is highly qualified, personalized and consists of more than 300 maneuvers.

This technique lasts about 80 minutes and covers the whole body, although it focuses on those parts where there is damage.

More than 500 people have passed through his hands during five years dedicated to the Esalen Californian massage, a work based on the traditional Swedish massage, but that combines Thai techniques with a philosophy that aims to go beyond.

Mar Escribano, qualified in Chiromassage and specialized in Californian massage by the Esalen Institute of California, has settled in Marbella to present this new modality that in Spain is only practiced by about 30 professionals.

This massage aims to bring the person to a state of deep calm to activate their own self-healing mechanisms.
“she tells Tribuna Express.

Escribano, who assures that the corps has sufficient resources to get out of difficult situations, but that this is something that is being neglected.

“My work consists of facilitating the person, through a pro- fused and adequate work, all that is needed to set these mechanisms in motion” and adds that it consists of nothing more than releasing the tensions, anxieties and anxieties that produce contractures or other ailments.

“We have to take responsibility for our health, so we also have to be the ones to undo that damage,” he says, although for this difficult mission we can count on his help, since this massage takes the person to a state of no adrenaline and deep calm, and only then can the healing process begin.

With the Californian Esalen, you can to treat from physical aspects, such as tensions or contractures, to emotional ones, such as depression, crises… “It relieves muscle tension, increases blood circulation and therefore the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the cells, helps eliminate toxins and helps stabilize hormones,” among many other benefits.


The massage cali fornian Esalen is highly specialized, as it consists of more than 300 maneuvers from which the practitioner chooses those that best suit the patient’s needs. “It is intimate, therapeutic and the Zen philosophy of the here and now is practiced,” explains Escribano, assuring that the patient “takes responsibility for his or her own healing”.

It lasts about 80 minutes and is performed on the entire body, although with greater emphasis on the areas that are most affected.

According to Mar Escribano, this massage allows the person to activate their self-healing mechanisms.

Article published in the newspaper Tribuna Express, interview to the masseuse Maria del Mar Escribano.The Esalen® Californian massage is highly qualified, personalized and consists of more than 300 maneuvers.

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