Californian massage – A massage that modifies the energy of each cell.

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Esalen® Californian Massage
is a form of bodywork based on the principles of Gestalt psychology.
This massage, in which different techniques converge, achieves through the enveloping movements that characterize it that the person connects with the deepest part of his being.
. You experience deep relaxation, relief in the treatment of chronic pain, release of muscular blockages and contractures, expansion of joint range of motion and reorganization of postures. This results in increased energy, heightened awareness, increased productivity and consequently relieves anxiety and stress.

“It is a deep experience in which the masseur, through his gentle and respectful form of contact; through his presence and the accompaniment he provides, facilitates the person to explore parts of himself that he could not reach on his own. This form of deep contact modifies the person’s consciousness, promoting self-healing as well as a better perception of oneself”.says Sujati Lacanna*, director of
Spazio Massages School of Californian Massage

The union of body, consciousness and reality

Californian massage contributes to the expansion of consciousness by using the language of the body using the language of the body. This massage works simultaneously from different fronts to become a truly holistic treatment, since every disease begins in the emotional as confirmed every day by studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. Hence the importance of keeping body, mind, emotions and consciousness in harmony and balance.

The Californian massage by its deep form of contact reaches the most essential of the person something that awakens a great sense of peace and well-being. With this massage the energy flows freely again where it may have been blocked by certain experiences that have generated tension both physically, mentally and emotionally.

“We are no longer in a mechanistic world. Matter, mind and emotions are more closely linked than we can imagine. And just as in the old mechanistic health paradigm, a headache was seen as something physical that did not work, we now know that this is not the case. This old model distances us from the responsibility we have to take charge of our health. Medicine is no longer allopathic, but homeopathic because it must take into account that the person is a whole.”says Sujati.


In fact, today we know that there is consciousness in the tiniest particles. The skin is also an extension of our brain and nervous system. Thus, just as a hug improves the functioning of the immune system, Californian massage can prevent and cure disease.

The weeping of the fabric

We spend most of our time running away from feeling, running around occupying every moment so we don’t connect with ourselves. Through Californian massage our rhythm slows down.
Massage helps the person to readjust to himself/herself
Through this contact with what is going on inside. Without questions, without intellectual answers, but through experience, contact and presence.

With this massage, the energy of each cell is modified. returning the food to those areas that have been closed and where the energy has stagnated due to tension, the first step towards the disease because in those places where the energy does not circulate, the circulation of blood and liquids fails, just like water when it remains stagnant, it ends up producing a disorder.

When healing occurs, the tissue cries, without reason, without history, simply giving vent to an emotion, to a tension that we do not know what it corresponds to, but after this expression, the area is able to breathe again and thus regenerate,” Sujati continues.
and thus regenerate,” Sujati continues.

During the Californian massage, the person is accompanied on a journey that allows him/her to understand him/herself on a personal level.
. The masseur provides confidence, contact, companionship and presence. He says to the person: “I am here. I accompany you to hell and I accompany you to return from there as well”.

“We help the person to enter where they need to enter in order to change their relationship with themselves, with their body, with life, and thus broaden their awareness of what directly affects their reality. We have very few experiences in which someone is willing to give us all the care and touch us with love without asking for anything in return. There are many people who have not been touched respectfully and slowly for a long time, among other things because they are afraid of sensuality. This massage touches your heart and soul”.concludes Sujati Lacanna.

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