The symphony of the body

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I look inward, in order to search for the most creative meaning of the body to understand how our body is born and how it is born. body is born for the adventure of living. When we think of creativity, it can be from the fact of creating: a painting, the sacred recipe of your grandmother, music, dance … if we take that creativity to the consciousness of the body, I perceive it as an instrument, and the vehicle that we have been given to express ourselves. the symphonies of our path.

The delicacy of the being, feels, captures the music coming from our world, each melody is interpreted by one of the elements, be it water, earth, fire, air or ether. Each of them is born to move us through existence at a different pace. Teaching each of the innermost parts and learning to live in the moment with resonant music. The vibration is the performer to reach the intention of playing organic, emotional and spiritual music. Being able to communicate through dance with other beings, our environment and connecting with our inner self.

If we understand that we are the instrument to play these melodies and dance them, when we feel that the earth touches us and makes us tremble from our feet up, we let it enter our body, loosening the usual control, releasing the head is the beginning of an intense melody that comes to teach you. It happens with any element, they have been given to us to listen to the power we carry within us to feel and live.

Each individual, then, understands symbolically, what that music wants to tell him/her through his/her experience. He will then interpret on the earthly plane, that which he understood, that is to say, the intention of the universe expressing it in his medium.

Many times, we do not let our “instrumental” body tune in to the precious songs, letting the joints rust, contracting the muscles and thus becoming stiff, lacking movement and creating stressful situations.

If we align ourselves, the symphony that is produced is that of the five elements, transmitting the universal intention of love on earth.
Our body is a porous instrument of connection, combining the five elements in unique and individual proportions. It is made up of organs, muscles, bones and tissues, each of which gives off a different music.

The elastic skin, firm and present, is the receiver, it connects us with the external world and with the energetic fields, inside it connects us with the muscles. It is enriching music to listen to, full of innumerable sensory nuances, selection judgments and tribalisms.

The juicy and elastic muscles, accumulating their music and releasing it, are the ones that perform the action and keep memories of the experiences. Faced with excesses, as a defense they become contracted, hardening. Through the fibers, they compose a vibrant symphony at the heart, clarifying all the dull shades of the body. They have the ability to give amplitude and elasticity to the movement, creating infinite shapes and protecting the innermost parts of our interior (arteries, veins, organs…) When you feel the music of the muscles, you can feel beyond, it is an inner layer where you have a lot to listen to.

Bones are the firm, deep place that gives structure. The inner place where you find security and permanence. The rhythm we play through this music is mechanical, moving all the big and small bones, giving angles thanks to the joints. If we allow the flow of the muscles to reach the structure of the bones, the musical composition will amplify the vibration of the movement.
Some bodies, unable to contain everything in the muscles and becoming rigid, are not able to hold it all in the muscles, it is not enough and they take refuge in the bones, particularly by storing it in the joints. The more the bones are burdened with guarding the emotional, the more they lose their vibration, the more problems they will cause.

The way to transform everything in the body are the organs. Each different system has a unique functioning. After touching with muscles, joints and skin, we get the way to materialize and decompose what we do not want or do not need.
Realize that we feed ourselves through the air, through food, that we purify and discard what we do not need. Blood flows through rivers called veins and arteries is the way to keep the individual alive. They give us life and cleanse us. When we charge our body, they appear in the form of calls to bring awareness to what is happening. They warn us of the most internal and unconscious, of the deepest part of our being, taking it to “the superficial” in order to heal and transform.
If the experiences are not accepted they can generate digestion problems, if the tears are swallowed they cause mucus in the lungs.
The more consciousness we put in our body, the more vibrational will be the music we play.

Our body is our great temple, which unites us to the earth and the sky, every step we take in our life is part of the symphony.
If we pay attention to the inner messages and listen to the signals, we can awaken a consciousness that will break the barriers of the mental, leaving behind everything that does not give us room to move infinitely.

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