Californian massage intensive courses: training body and soul

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The Californian massage is characterized by first applying gentle movements and then mixing different levels of depth, but at the same time fluid, with which the masseur wraps the patient’s body as if he were wrapping it in an enveloping wave of well-being. Unlike other massages, the Californian massage allows to move the energy in the person through the changes of rhythms and pressures during the process, the masseur is involved in body and soul and using different parts of the hand works with the most voluminous and superficial musculature to perform a complete and deep massage throughout the body with the help of oils that facilitate the fluidity of the movements.

We want to teach you how to do it.

At Spazio Massage we offer intensive courses in Californian massage. in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Malaga, and this year for the first time also in Valencia, with different levels of learning, from basic to advanced, and aimed at those who want a professional training, a new massage technique in their field of work, as well as those who want to live a personal transformation and healing.

This year, we will also teach a
basic semi-intensive course in Malaga
where you will be able to learn some of the deep contact techniques of Californian massage as well as meditation and body awareness techniques. We have also organized a
intensive residential course
in a beautiful rural house in Mallorca, where we will enjoy an idyllic environment, in the middle of nature. The idea of these intensive courses of Californian massage is, precisely, to create an environment conducive to relaxation in which the student can feel the benefits of the technique both when giving and receiving massages.

The basic training provided in these courses is intensive courses of californian massageThe 9-day course, which consists of four modules, focuses on the understanding of the Californian massage philosophy at Spazio MassagesThe rhythmic wave in which the movements are transformed, the alternation of rhythms and the variations of speed and pressure that are exerted during the massage.

These intensive courses of Californian massage at the basic level do not require previous training, as they are introductory and are designed in such a way that students can have a first contact with the discipline and decide if they want to deepen their knowledge of Californian massage. To pre-register for the intensive courses you can send us an email or call us at 693059088. You can also leave your details here and we will contact you.

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