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With the courses of
Californian massage
you can develop one of the best massage techniques to endow and connect with the well-being of the other. Through the contact with the skin, it is possible to awaken the sensibility that the day by day is lethargic because of our multiple chores. But not only that. When we do a Californian massage course, in addition to helping to recover the balance and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to our patient, we learn to connect with the other in a special and exclusive way, so that with our hands we are able to make a significant difference in the lives of those we touch.

One of the errors of conventional massages is that the masseur is not aware of his center and posture, he performs the movements from his hands or arms, either applying his strength and carrying all the weight on his lower back, thus developing musculoskeletal pathologies; in this way, the work is not effective for the patient because his body tends to contract before the force exerted by the therapist.

In the Californian massage school Spazio Massages we have more than ten years of experience in the design of Californian massage courses for the training of massage therapists experts in this massage technique with which, in addition to a maximum relaxation of the patient’s muscles, it helps him to reconnect with his inner self and with that healing energy that we are all capable of channeling with the appropriate state of consciousness to achieve it.

The school offers
californian massage courses
with three levels of training:
, as well as intensive residential courses The training takes place in a relaxing and idyllic environment that we have specially selected for learning the Californian massage technique. Our Californian massage courses help the student to understand and deepen in the philosophy that characterizes this practice and develop the necessary skills to apply the rhythmic wave that characterizes the movements of the Californian massage and with which the patient’s muscles are relaxed, thus facilitating the desired physical and emotional well-being.

In our calendar you can check the schedules of our Californian massage courses in Barcelona, Madrid or Mallorca; and our intensive residential courses.

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