A journey towards connection with myself through the hand of contact with another.

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The massage experience is intense and deep in the present, facilitated by a deep contact with the breath. This meditative attitude connected to the breath, in attentive observation of the body, makes it easier to let go of thought. The lucidity unleashed in the experimentation, in the touches with long, fluid and deep movements, in each manipulation, awakens body memories, has an impact on blockages, brings or shows images and fantasies, which resolve anchorages and, therefore, are healing.

Then, a vibration that comes from within, liberating, can arise; each different organ can take its space and presence; in any case, the attentive registration of perceptions, whether of pleasure, tension or pain, facilitates the feeling of life. As in a cradle-to-cradle experience, life is all-encompassing, as if it ceases to be the usual concept and comes to be felt as a very new emotion, life. Life, totality. Somehow, normal consciousness is altered by the experience in the body, and internally a smile seems to take hold.

The most significant of my experiences is the journey towards the connection with my child, favored by the contact with myself at the level of recognition of my body hand in hand with the contact with another. Recognizing myself in my shape, texture, hardness-softness, temperature, tension, vibration… makes it easier for me to begin to realize myself, as the baby that dwells in me.

After opening my eyes to the world with curiosity, another possibility is to understand my contractures as burdens that I have taken on and that no longer serve me, that I want to let go of; and I do it, thanks to the contact with the other, by instinctively letting some muscle reposition itself in its natural place.

Recognizing movements, postures, places that I had never before perceived in my own body, opens me to new images and emotional experiences, which I do not want to question, but only to verify them, to register them, to allow them to fall into place, also on their own, on the path of integration that is being made. Likewise, this altered state of presence in me, by inhabiting my body, allows me to experience bodily joys that speak of transcendence and my spiritual being.

Rosa Membrado Sánchez

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