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Welcome to the Spazio Massage blog:

With the beginning of this magical year, we inaugurate a new virtual window to present you the art of the Californian Massage and the focus of our school, where we prioritize love, presence, health, inner exploration, confidence, intuition and creativity so that you can reconnect with your source of life energy.

This space will be dedicated to the dissemination of Californian Massage and related topics that we believe are of interest. Our alumni will share with us the experiences of both training and practice.

Our intention is to make known this art, still little known in Spain. We will create and share each article, from the awareness and respect we have for this work which we love; resulting in quality information and we hope you enjoy each of the lines written.

Begin the journey to explore Californian massage whether for a session or for training.

The Spazio Massage School

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