The importance of stillness in massage

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This is the first article I am writing for the Spazio Massage blog. I want to share with everyone, a topic that is important to me: stillness . It has been a discovery when giving a massage session and how to take it to my daily life.

As we know in our society, speed is valued before anything else. Time is the great element, time cannot be wasted. With technological advances we can be doing many things at the same time.

Without giving importance to the moments to take care of ourselves, such as having enough time to eat well, healthy and slowly, to sleep a minimum of hours, to escape from the cities,
walking through nature. Everything is fast and finish it now! This creates people full of stress, nervousness, impatience, dispersion… Stress during long periods of time is linked to many diseases, of more or less severity.

By not allowing ourselves to stop, we also do not give ourselves permission to feel all that accumulation of emotions and bodily tensions. This is reflected in the form of contractures, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, pain due to body stiffness, among other things.

When a person decides to take a Californian massage session, it is the first sign that it is time to take care of oneself, turn off the mind and relax. Allowing ourselves these moments to take care of ourselves are essential in our altered society.

When the body is treated with trust, feeling the presence in the stillness of the hands. Breathing is deeper and more relaxed, the murmur of the mind is disconnected: rushing, memories of stressful moments, impatience dissolve. It is in the stillness where the client listens to himself, feels what is really happening in the moment.

Californian massage prioritizes stillness over rushing. The masseur takes some time before the massage to meditate, quieting the mind, in order to transmit this state. Working from nervous system to nervous system. The altered nervous system receives this outer stillness and reconnects with its inner peace.

Once we experience stillness, we can take it to any moment of our routine life. When you are under stress: at work or at home. Doing a bureaucratic procedure, in a traffic jam, waiting for the subway… Any moment that causes you stress.


I end by sharing some quotes from Eckhart Tolle, about stillness:

“When we connect with inner stillness we go beyond our busy minds and emotions to discover great depths of lasting peace, joy and serenity.

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.”

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