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Most massage techniques have a common positive impact on the work they do on the physical level in the body: they promote blood and/or lymphatic circulation, mobilize toxins that are trapped in the knots of the muscle fibers … collaborate in the release of muscle contractures and tissue elongation, and, to a greater or lesser extent, get a consequent relief in the treatment of various pains, recover the range of joint movement and help to return to an optimal anatomical posture.
These so-called benefits are a work that, by themselves, can produce a great change in our general state. In the same way that we will feel more comfortable staying in a warm, spacious and tidy house, we will live more comfortably in a healthy body.

For those of us who dedicate ourselves to offer Californian Massage, we understand that the calmness of a home is provided by the person, and that is why the work of going deep inside is so relevant.
Most people who come to a regular consultation are lost or dizzy in the different external situations in which they find themselves and speak of a need to reconnect with themselves.
It’s like spinning around on your own – like a spinning top – for many this was one of our great childhood games. When you grow up, this game becomes a great meditation: if you direct your attention only outside, you get so dizzy that you will probably fall down.
We can reflect this in what happens to us in life: if we turn all our gaze to the outside, little by little the images will be blurred, distorting the clear vision of reality, which will lead us to become more and more dizzy until the collapse comes, which is only the emergency rescue.
In order to observe a clear reality without getting lost in fantasies or phantasms, we need to keep our anchor to a fixed point. To get back in touch with the body means to close the eyes, turn the gaze towards oneself and from there to open them again, keeping one inward – one outward.

The Californian Massage is a type of sensitive massage that allows people to connect with their body. Adding the experience of deep relaxation to all the benefits we named at the beginning of the article, the person receiving a Californian massage achieves increased energy, greater productivity and heightened awareness.
The sensation of psychic, physical and spiritual integrity as well as the peace and vivacity it provides to those who receive it are making it one of the most demanded massage modalities worldwide.

Maria Lucas
Esalen Californian Massage Therapist and collaborator of the Spazio Massage School.
Contact: Espacio Calithai Massages www.masajeterapia.net

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