Oasis Massages Marcelo Bartrolí and Ingrid May

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Enter a universe where two schools converge, intertwining their essences and honoring an ancestral legacy. Today, we invite you to extend the arms of the family, to walk together in brotherhood, in a New Time of Re-Uniting.
We cross borders, build bridges and strengthen ourselves in what resonates deeply within us: the Vision of conscious contact, weaving presence, love, commitment, support and joy in every moment.

On this path, our eternal gratitude goes to the lighthouses that inspired us, Ingrid May and Marcelo Bartrolí . An echo spreads today over the Californian massage, but who really knows the architects of its best version?

Marcelo Bartrolí set course back to Buenos Aires after two decades in California, accompanied by the baggage of more than 20 years at the Esalen Institute, CA, carried by Ingrid May. Marcelo, mathematician and sage of the body, an extraordinary being with a deep understanding of the body and the non-dual process of the mind, joined Ingrid in the creation of a new perspective.

Her knowledge of Esalen® massage, harmonic hamacados® and other deep contact techniques took shape, adapting to the pulse of city life and its daily stress. Thus was born the seed of the Oasis School (1996), of which I had the privilege to be a part. My return to Buenos Aires in 1998 led me to be close to my teachers for 6 intense years, learning directly from the source that emanated from the Esalen Institute.

In 2004, the road took me to Spain, where with love and passion, I have given life to the Spazio Massage school, following this beautiful legacy. After almost two decades, I feel deeply grateful to see the seeds germinate in this fertile soil and to weave a bridge with my mother school, Oasis Massage.

Today, I invite you to join this weaving of stories, where the hands speak to the soul and where each massage is an embrace to the spirit. Together, we open doors to a world of possibilities, where the art of touch becomes a dance towards wholeness.

Sujati Lacanna

Director and founder of Spazio Massages®.


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