My experience as a Californian Massage therapist

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I take off my shoes and socks, feel my feet on the floor, recognize the space, turn on the music, prepare the room, centered stretcher, adequate temperature, well laid sheets, chair, towels in curlers, light the incense, candles, make sure I have cream, the oil bottle is full. I observe all the details of the room and I stand up, I check my body, how I am, how I feel, I feel the soles of my feet in contact with the earth, with a good contact, I breathe. My active meditation has begun.

I am ready to receive the person and give myself to the massage.

With the person on the stretcher, I enter into stillness, listen to how he/she breathes, feel his/her movement in my hands, and from that precise moment, his/her body speaks and I attend. With subtle movements, small hammocks, a sweet and safe contact, a dialogue begins between me and my client.
Well rooted on the ground, being present, I notice many things, if I am well centered, if the person trusts me, if they breathe, if I do, if they want to control, how their skin is, I feel their tensions and their temperature.

I perceive how I am with the client and with everything that happens to me in this space, what he expects from me. The importance of my body and how I accompany the movements, to what extent I give myself in giving. This creates a beautiful and respectful dance, which stops after an hour and a half. A journey that each person lives in his or her own way and in accordance with his or her vital moment.

For me, Californian Massage is a gift, a rewarding experience because it is an accompaniment from the body, a different way of communication and growth, a body awareness that goes beyond words.
It is a feeling, often from places where the unconscious rules, where memories of the most remote past emerge as flowers to be kept in mind….in short, one more step to self-knowledge, to a realization, to a here and now that does not leave us impassive.

Marta Sanglas

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