Lecture – Demonstration on Californian Massage in Madrid

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I am pleased to have, finally, ready the photos that were taken during the talk-demonstration of Californian Massage in Teraco (Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid). At the end of this post you have a link to the photos.

This talk, held last November, turned out to be a very pleasant encounter. I felt really welcomed by the people who attended, who were very interested in this work and participated with their questions, their listening and their presence.

The first part was an explanation of the Californian Massage, its origin, what it consists of, its benefits, how a session is developed ….

We talked about the importance of presence in massage, what is the conscious touch that is so much talked about in Californian Massage, how and what we use the breath for, the moments of stillness…

We wondered how much time we dedicate to ourselves, taking into account the current life of stress, rush, endless schedules, family life… that we all lead and we realized that few people stop to rest their lives, their experiences, stop and observe what is happening around us, breathe, realize how we are, how we feel, how our body is… our soul… and how necessary it is to find your space and enjoy yourself, feel… as you like, live now, like the movie “The Pacific Warrior”, which in its sentence of the movie “The Pacific Warrior”, says: “The Pacific Warrior”…. our soul… and how necessary it is to find your space and enjoy yourself, to feel yourself… as you like, to live the now, as in the movie “The Pacific Warrior” which in its final sentence says: “Where are you? here, what time is it? Now, What are you? this moment.”

Then came the demonstration, as he was showing what he was doing, he was explaining what each movement was, its raison d’être, its purpose. This is really the best way to get to know what a Californian Massage is like if you haven’t experienced it before. Observing how the massage is, we understand the reason for the above explained, it also helps us to diffuse fears and embarrassment, especially on the subject of receiving the massage without clothes, only with a sheet that covers our most intimate parts. It was also very curious how people who have already taken sessions with me, were amazed to see some of the movements that I performed, because when you experience it in first person you do not know how the masseuse moves. It’s fun to see a movement you’ve felt in your body that you can’t imagine how it’s done. One person told me “ah! I didn’t know you sat in a chair while working on your face”.

Looking forward to repeat the experience, as there were people who wanted to attend and could not, I leave the link to my blog where you can see the photos, I hope you like them.

Finally, I could not fail to thank each and every one of the people who have helped me to carry out this project, especially Tatiana Alarcón, my unconditional friend who is always by my side supporting me in everything, Amparo Trujillo, a dear friend who accompanies me, from whom I have much to learn and who is also my video technician, Ismael Yuste, the great photographer who immortalized this experience and Olga Teresa Ocaña (Teraco), for giving me this opportunity. A special dedication to my family, without their support this road would be more difficult.

I am preparing a short video of the talk-demonstration, I hope not to take too long in its realization and to be able to share it soon with you.


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