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In the next articles we will share the importance of contact and its benefits through massage.

We want to start talking about the skin since it is the largest organ of the human being and, besides being the most external, it is the organ on which we massage therapists work. The skin functions as a protective barrier, which helps to keep its structures intact, and at the same time acts as a communication system with our environment through the sense of touch.

“When we describe ourselves as sentient beings, what we mean is that we are conscious. The more literal and broader meaning is that we have sensory awareness.”

Due to the cellular activity of its deep layers, the skin is always in a constant state of renewal and varies in texture, flexibility, color, odor, temperature, among other aspects. The skin carries with it a memory of its own experience, which defines our individuality, for not only do we have fingerprints that are unique, but the arrangement of our pores is also unique. Our skin is what stands between us and the outside world and makes up 12% of our body weight.

Through the skin we nourish ourselves, breathe, detoxify through sweat and rebalance our organism. The skin stores the experiences we have lived and, being the most external organ, it becomes a reflection of our inner self, the vehicle for connecting the most sensitive of our senses: touch.

During the massage, the contact allows to become aware of the emotions and experiences that are stored in the body, making it the channel of transformation of all this information. If these experiences have not been treated for long periods of time, they can lead to diseases of varying degrees of severity. Related diseases include fibromyalgia, whose sufferers’ quality of life is clearly improved by massage sessions and touch.

The skin is in constant communication with the brain. Through the nerve endings, the skin distinguishes, thinks, knows, expresses, feels, creates and receives love. The human being is in continuous need of physical contact, so it is highly recommended to receive sessions of a good massage.

When Californian massage was developed, one of the points that was taken into account, and to which much importance is given today, is the need to be touched with awareness and wisdom. Emphasizing the importance of sensory contact. It was observed that after a massage session, the person who received it felt lighter, regained joy, and also became aware of his or her body.

Massage is thus a way to explore each person, to create psychological, physical and spiritual awareness through the contact of listening hands.

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