The Alegria Spider

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Many years ago a spider laid an egg, from the egg hatched a little spider and began to grow and grow. The little spider named Alegria, learned from her mother to give Love, through the Californian Massage, Alegria had a hard time learning, she stumbled over and over again, but it didn’t matter, little by little, she realized that she gave Love and also Peace and Tranquility, she liked it and she felt happier every day.
Little by little he began to think that through his work he could make a Spider’s Web, which would unite all the points of the world and that we could all embrace each other, but he thought: “Piff, how difficult! As she was very stubborn, she first began to communicate with her friends who gave the same massage as she did and their hearts began to unite. She realized that she liked her massage more and more, we must recognize that she got her mother Spider, whose name was Laura, to come every month to her house, so that she could learn, because of her perseverance and tenacity. Also, Laura had many, many sons and daughters, so she considered herself lucky.

Alegria also exchanged massage with her close friends, some of them left but they would always have a union of Love among them, she had Patience with those she was starting, as others had with her and she always, always learned something worthwhile, apart from being touched with Love.
The Union of this Great Web, is what my Heart Feels, which we are all building together.
Alegría now has friends in California, Germany, Palma, Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Marbella, Bali, Vietnam, Poland, Las Alpujarras, ……………………….. The Spider’s Web is coming together.



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