Spazio Masajes

Californian Massage School


Spazio Masajes is a place that is necessary in the world today.

This is a Space where fundamentally everybody can be re-introduced into the silences of the heart, and there find true well being.

This is a Space where everybody can learn to be compassionate and aware towards their own body and through this experience be open and loving to other people.

This is a Space where everybody can get a new vision of your life and experience a transformational process through taking responsibility for you health and well being.

This is a Space where everybody can get the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.



You can register per email directly by clicking on the tab Pre-Registration or by contacting us per telephone.

For your registration to be confirmed you need to transfer thedeposit monies into the specified account mentioning your full name and the course you wish to register for.( If you don’t soon after receive our newsletter, please get in touch with us per email or telephone again). Once having transferred the monies please let us know per email or telephone so that we can confirm receipt of the transfer.

The outstanding amount is to be paid in full in cash just before commencing the course.

Please get in touch with us on the number 0034-693059088

Student spaces for the courses are limited. Make sure you reserve your space by registering early and thus taking advantage of the discount for early payment for the introductory course.

The week before the course we will be in touch to pass on the last details and reconfirm your registration.

Missed Classes

The modules of each level are taught identical in different cities. Therefore a missed module can be recuperated elsewhere or in the intensive course.

¿What do I have to bring?

  • Notebook and pen to take notes
  • Two big towels and 2 sheets
  • Comfortable clothes that will not limit movement in practice
  • Short sleeved shirt, preferably, because forearms and elbows must be free to realize this technique
  • Food: we will stop for a lunch break for 90 min aprox. Students are welcome to bring their own food or come to eat with us in a close restaurant around.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon request of the student, a certificate of attendance can be handed over; this will not replace the Graduation Diploma.

Graduation Diploma


General Requirements:

  1. 80% of classes within a particular courses need to be attended of Basic and Intermediate levels.
  2. To have approved the course of Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Having received at least 5 massages from a Spazio Massages supervisor
  4. Having given a massage to the instructor.