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What is it?

¿?Qué es

At Spazio Masajes, Californian Esalen Massage is a kind of bodywork based on the principles of Gestalt psychology.

It was developed at the Esalen Institute in California, in the 60’s and has currently become the most widely known technique in the United States and Argentina.

The difference between this and other techniques is remarkable, especially since Spazio Massages integrates diverse body therapies that involve conscious physical contact, breathing and presence. These virtues combined with the intention of the therapist who acts as a guide to help create a connection to our inherent intelligence and release blocked energies due to some imbalance, distinguish it as a healing art that is in constant evolution.




Spazio Californian Massage is characterized by long fluid and integrated movements that act as a base for a wide range of deep contact techniques.

These are mainly performed by the hands, forearms and elbows, and oils that facilitate fluidity. In this way, the hands can express their quality of contact through their softness and sensitivity, the touch occurs in the stillness of the meditative mind, focusing on natural breathing that can reach the depths of the belly, and using the fluidity of movement that integrates the body in its totality.

Here is where this technique becomes an art and incorporates elements from other techniques such as soft stretching, passive articulation movements, deep muscle work, and delicate cranial balancing and rhythmic movements that make each massage completely unique.


BeneficiosSpazio Californian Massage has become known for the sensation of psychic, physical and spiritual integration, as well as the peace and vivacity the client receives.

Deep relaxation is also experienced, relief from chronic pain, the release of blockage and muscular tension, an increase in the range of joint movement  and a reorganization of posture. Energy levels can increase in this way, consciousness can elevate, more productivity, and consequently, relief from anxiety and stress.

Want to learn more about California massage? Here you will find more details about the Californian massage courses of our school.



Types of massages

Deep Tissue Massage


This is a very effective method to mobilize the body’s soft tissue and is used to treat chronic pain caused by lack of flexibility and an inability to move.

It is generally used on specific areas that are causing discomfort, parts that are painful and in which movement is restricted due to the fact that the muscle isn´t at its full length and is pulling on the skeleton where it is attached.



Pregnancy Massage

Masaje para embarazadas - Spazio Masajes

This technique was created to accompany women during their pregnancy, birth and post-partum periods. The patient is reclined onto her side, which facilitates relaxation, and a range of movement that wouldn’t be possible face up or face down, especially during the last months of the pregnancy.

This massage concept is the same as the Spazio Californian Massage, using long fluid and integrated movements.

This massage method alleviates mostly the lumbar and pelvic regions during this area’s repositioning process that takes place during the pregnancy and it facilitates conscious breathing, which is vital to the birth-giving process. Also the babies benefit from the relaxation and profound connection with their mothers.

Lomi Lomi

The Hawaiian Massage style at Spazio Massages is an embracing and loving touch, combined with deep breathing.

Muscles and connective tissue are stretched lengthwise and width wise, joints are invited to let go of their rigidity and improve circulation.

Rhythmic techniques are used, mainly through contact with the therapist’s forearms, all over the body, and with a lot of oil. Movements are stimulating and calming at the same time.


Hamacados - Spazio Masajes

This technique was developed in the 70´s by Milton Trager (USA) and is a learning system of movement re-education. Soft, rhythmic and completely painless movements are used to liberate mental and physical patterns and communicates to your body how free it could be. Also, it calms the nervous system, the muscles relax, and the body can rediscover or increase its range of free movement.

Head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back and pelvis are gently rolled, stretched, held and rocked by the therapist in their own rhythm. Delicate wave-like movements run through the whole body. Lightness, expansion and liveliness are the strongest physical and mental sensations produced through a session, a sense of well being that can be effortlessly recreated.

Also –on a deeper level– each movement allows for interaction with the unconscious matter of the mind, dissolving old patterns of tension and achieving a state of stillness and inner harmony.

Chair massage

¿What is it?


Chair massage is the newest and best cost effective therapy to reduce tension in the office and improve your health in only 15 minutes. It has been adapted from an Asian technique called Anma.

Who could benefit from this technique?


Chair massage have no negative side effects; can be given to any person, no matter what age or physical condition, it can even be given to children and elderly people, as well as to pregnant women.

Why have a chair massage?


  • Because it is fast and effective.
  • It is done without removing any clothing and without oil
  • It is affordable

Popular places for chair massages are:

  • High stress workplaces
  • Conferences and events

Regular visits to the massage chair can be coordinated according to schedule availability, weekly, every 15 days or monthly and are an excellent way to maintain yourself and your team healthy, happy and stress free.

How does it work?


During a chair massage, the client sits in a firm, comfortable and ergonomic chair that will permit them to relax and let go of their body without any effort. The chair is slightly reclined to take advantage of the effects of gravity on the spine.

Sessions last from 15 to 20 minutes and work mainly areas where tension is high; kneading, pressing on, elongating and holding mixed with other techniques like shiatsu and trigger points.

This is an excellent way to motivate all those people who always wanted to experience a massage and didn’t have a chance to.


  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy
  • Improves production
  • Improves mood
  • Lessens muscular pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Improves quality of life
  • Fast and effective
  • It is done with clothes on and without oil
  • It is pleasant and its effects are accumulative, frequency reinforces its benefits
  • It is simple and safe; it doesn’t require training or time out of the office
  • It is economical

Stress in the office

Chair massage is the newest most cost effective therapy used to reduce tension in the office and provide improved health in just 15 minutes.

Stress at the office is a real fact of life for many people. The effects of stress are accumulative and if measures are not taken to recharge, relax and reinvigorate, this can lead to:

  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Tiredness of neck and sight
  • Injuries, bruises, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis
  • Lack of concentration and listlessness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Physical and emotional exhaustion

Thanks to our chair massage program at your office, you can reduce and prevent these negative effects of stress. A chair massage, designed and given by professional therapists, calms the nervous system while it recharges the body with energy.

Regular visits to the massage chair can be flexible according to your schedule; weekly, every 15 days, or monthly and are an excellent way to keep you and your team healthy, happy and stress free.

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