Intensive Training Releasing Trauma through Bodywork and Movement – Majorca

Intensive Training Releasing Trauma through Bodywork and Movement

  • Fechas: 30th August – 4th de September2022
  • Lugar: DIMA, Mallorca

This is a residential course on how to address the renegotiation of trauma through touch and movement, taught in a supportive context for personal growth.
When a person suffers the effects of trauma, it can produce a wide range of uncomfortable emotions and somatic sensations. Symptoms associated with the frozen state (e.g., depression, chronic fatigue, disconnection, pain) are common, as are symptoms of excess sympathetic energy (e.g., stress, anxiety, restlessness, anger, inability to relax).

This five-day course is an opportunity for you to learn how to accompany people who have suffered and are suffering from the various effects of trauma through healthy touch and through movements that facilitate the discharge of traumatic stress. You will learn useful techniques, resources and strategies for renegotiating the effects of trauma and the regulation of the nervous system through touch and other modalities.

The course will give an introduction to both developmental and shock trauma and how to accompany people in each case.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at psychologists, therapists, massage therapists and health professionals.

About the theacher


Roger Jackson,

Roger Jackson is a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, Californian Massage and Esalen® Massage practitioner, yoga teacher, Circling Certified and philosopher. He has been working as a somatic therapist for 16 years and was Director of Oasis – School of Californian Massage and Healing Arts, Buenos Aires between 2012 and February 2022.

Roger is trained in a variety of other bodywork techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger points and Harmonic Hammocks. He has a regular 5 Rhythms® practice and has spent much time meditating with Advaita Vedanta teacher Tony Moo, affectionately known as Mooji.

Roger currently lives in East London, where he sees clients privately and teaches group classes with a focus on nervous system regulation as a tool for self-empowerment, trauma resolution and deepening connection. She travels internationally, teaching in Europe and South America.

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