Giving and receiving

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Throughout this year writing for Verdemente magazine we have talked a lot about the qualities of Californian Massage, the benefits of this type of bodywork and its holistic nature in terms of approach and impact.
I would like to dedicate this month, leaving aside on this occasion the technique and knowledge implicit in the requirements to offer good care, to the learning that happens in the giving, since everything we want to transmit must have been previously integrated in us.

Many people appear interested in massage as a technique that is learned by following clearly outlined steps. It is true that some people find the challenge in the precisely defined, as we discussed in the March issue entitled “Technique & Intuition”, but mostly the surprise comes when you go beyond that and try to develop confidence, security, sensitivity, listening, concentration and your own ability to stay focused.

The opportunity to give is the opportunity to see yourself reflected. Both the qualities and the difficulties that limit us appear and are the same ones we deal with in our daily lives.
The learning and the difficulty that we can find in it will be drawing the steps of a path of self-knowledge and personal transformation.

And the fact is that everything coexists in relation: mental patterns, defense patterns and body “armor” are woven by conforming to the same ingredients. The body structure we develop is coherent to our psychological and emotional structure.
This massage observes that coherence with the understanding that it is the one and only structure that we hold. In this way, as Enric Marés -teacher and researcher of conscious gymnastics- says
<< If the body can release tension points linked to some kind of repressed beliefs or emotions there is a change at the mental level. >>

In Californian Massage we work with the weight of our body in movement, with deep breathing and our mind relaxed so we facilitate the person who is receiving the massage to stay present in what is happening in their body while disconnecting the mind, to become aware of their breathing and move the energy that remains stagnant.
On this basis we make contact with the body, feeling and knowing without judgement the state in which the person comes, the state of the muscular tissue, the state of the articular spaces, the places where the restrictions are… and through the massage we relieve the body, allowing the person to release all those burdens that are in excess, returning to the fluidity, flexibility, amplitude and spontaneity with which we are all born.

From receiving we can release those points of tension that are present in the body, from giving we can also bring awareness to the other fronts.
And it is from this dance that takes place in the exchange of giving and receiving that the circle is completed in a true enrichment that will transform our way of relating, of feeling and, in short, of living.

Maria Lucas
Esalen Californian Massage Therapist and collaborator of the Spazio Massage School.
Contact sessions: Calithai Massage Space

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