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Intensive Californian massage courses

Formats of the Californian Massage Intensive Courses

  • Basic: Intensive-residential of 9 days.
  • Intermediate: Intensive-residential of 9 days.
  • Advanced: Intensive-residential of 9 days.

Our Californian Massage Intensive courses last 9 days and each level consists of 64 hours with an afternoon at the beach on the paradisiac island of Mallorca, during which you will have the opportunity to learn this massage discipline in a wonderful environment that Spazio Masajes has reserved for you in Mallorca.

The intensive courses that we offered are adapted to the different levels of training of the student. In Spazio Masajes we teach from the basic techniques to the most advanced knowledge of the Californian Massage.


Basic Level Intensive Course

The main objective of the Basic level Intensive Course is to enable the student to understand the Spazio Californian Massage concept and to initiate the practice of the technique that will allow us to move the patient’s energy through the pressures and changes of rhythms during the work of the massage.

In this Basic Level Intensive Course the student will learn how to work with the musculature of the patients, but also to stand and move around the table to work the Californian Massage effortlesly.

Requirements to enroll in the Basic Level Intensive Course of Californian Massage:

There are no prerequisites for doing this Basic Level Intensive Course.

Our Californian Massage classes are aimed at:


  • Beginners, people who want to start in the Californian Massage.
  • Couples who want to explore a new way of contact.
  • Health professionals who want to incorporate Californian Massage techniques into their practices.
  • Those who wish to learn to touch and be touched from the deepest place of being, incorporating dance, breathing and meditation into their daily work through a subtly detailed, modern and effective technique such as that of the Californian Massage.


This Basic Level Intensive Course gives access to the following two levels:


Intermediate Level Intensive Course

In the Intermediate Level Intensive Course we will continue to deepen the technique of the Californian Massage, but paying special attention to detail so it is necessary to have previously taken the Basic Level Course in our school.

During this intensive course, the students will be able to learn to massage more complex areas and Spazio Californian Massage will provide them with more than 500 maneuvers that they will be able to adapt to the different needs of their patients.

Requirements for enrolling the California Massage Intermediate Level Intensive Course:

You need to have completed the Basic California Massage level with us at Spazio Masajes School or at Oasis Massage School.


This Intermediate Intensive Course gives the students access to the following level:


Advanced Level Intensive Course

The objective of the  Advanced Level Intensive Course is multiple and very different from the previous courses since once this stage of learning of the Californian Massage is reached, the student will be able to learn to move the blocked energy of the patient in a different way than it had been being experienced at the basic and intermediate levels courses.

Requirements to enroll in the Californian Massage Advanced Level Intensive Course:

Individuals who wish to take the Advanced Level Intensive Course must have completed the Basic and Intermediate level courses at the school.

Calendar of courses

You can view the dates of our residential Californian Massage intensive courses in our Calendar.

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