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Californian Massage courses in Madrid

The Californian Massage training consists of 3 levels that are taught in different formats of courses: weekend, weekly classes and intensive-residential.

In Madrid we offer 1 level of courses of Californian Massage

  • Basic California Massage Course in Madrid: The objective is to understand the concept of Spazio Californian Massage. We will learn techniques for touching with awareness, maintaining a proper body posture, and movement around the stretcher to effortlessly work the Californian massage.
  • Intermediate Californian Massage Course in Madrid: A varied and numerous amount of specific techniques will be learned and will be studied how to treat the most complex structural zones. At the end of the course the student will know more 500 new maneuvers.
  • Advanced Californian Massage Course in Madrid: At this level you will learn how to move the blocked energy in a completely different way than the previous levels and to move the patient in a harmonious way on the stretcher, with specific techniques for large patients .

Formats for the Californian Massage courses in Madrid

  • BASIC LEVEL Californian Massage courses in Madrid:
    • 5 modules of 1 weekend per month (76 hs)
    • Weekly classes (63 hs)

    You can see the calendar of our Californian Massage courses in Madrid here.

    Who are the California Massage courses intended for?

    • Beginners.
    • Couples who want to explore a new ways of contact.
    • Health professionals who want to incorporate California massage techniques into their practices.
    • Those who wish to learn to touch and be touched from the deepest of our being, incorporating dance, breathing and meditation into daily work through a detailed, modern and effective technique like that of the Californian massage.

    What will we learn in the Californian Massage courses in Madrid?

    • To move with utmost care and respect.
    • Touch from a meditative stillness state.
    • Prepend conscious presence to technique.
    • Develop intuitive perception and ability to pay attention.
    • Treat everyone equally.
    • Work with humility.

    The Spazio Masajes Californian Massage courses are at the service of those who want to more intimately incorporate their heart into their work and take responsibility for their health and life, as well as those who wish to offer the benefits of California massage to others.

    Materials needed for the Californian Massage courses

    The student must bring:

    • Notebook and pen to take notes.
    • 1 sheet and 2 medium towels.
    • Comfortable clothes that do not limit the movements. Short sleeve shirt, preferably, since the forearms and elbows must be uncovered to perform the Californian massage techniques.
    • Depending on the course format chosen, you must also bring your lunch: at noon we will take a break of 1 hour and a half approximately. Participants are invited to bring food. If not, we will eat at nearby restaurants.

    -> During the course we will take give out notes with photos of the different sequences and techniques.

    What is the difference with other Californian massage schools in Madrid?

    • Our team: In Spazio Masajes we have a professional team, with extensive experience and qualifications.
    • Flexibility: The courses are aimed at people who are looking for a vocational training for their working environment, as well as those who wish to live a sensorial transformation.
    • Variety: You will learn sophisticated techniques to deal with different cases, to be before a person in full presence, respect and be able to transmit the essence of conscious touch.
    • The result: Our qualified students find that their work is highly valued for the human warmth we cultivate in school.

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