Communion for healing

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There is something about this massage that sets it apart from the others. The Californian massage uses precise techniques but with a therapist involved, warm, it is not a massage technique from the head: neat, aseptic…

I think it was at the end of the intermediate level of “Californian massage” when the concepts began to make sense: “hold”, “time for the person to let go”, “listen to the body”, “full contact”, “soft but firm at the same time”, “breathe”, “like a dance”, reach the limit…; and then, already working, the words of my teacher, “Sujati Lacanna” repeating inside in each session, ahhhhhh, it was this, only by experiencing them seem to come alive, that communion is produced….
It is in the relationship that is established between therapist and client, two beings relating to each other from their place in the world where contact with – touch unfolds…

There are so many words to try to express the inexpressible and so much what happens… it is not that sometimes we need some kind of ceremony or ritual to relate fully, consciously…, with a commitment of respect on both sides, of care by the therapist who accompanies you on a journey where the body gradually becomes an integrated whole, opening, releasing tensions, present, lighter, full… “Love touching you, encouraging you to live…”.

I am experiencing that healing can only happen by vibrating in love, re-knowing ourselves as the love that we are, rather than trying, allowing it to happen, getting out of the way, dancing it, staying in the present moment and open to what is happening, to the sensations…, melting into that matrix of love… Is it necessary to receive a massage for this? The answer is no, the same can happen in our daily life, in any encounter or relationship in which there is sincere intention on both sides, microcosm within the macrocosm…, in the Californian massage or any therapeutic relationship that reminds you of that fuller way of living and sharing yourself in the world…. When we have forgotten, when we feel disintegrated or with loss of vital sense…, in a massage session someone more experienced propitiates this encounter, takes care of every detail so that life can unfold from the maximum respect, from the maximum care…

The journey at the end will depend on a thousand and one variables, in the end a path of self-discovery for both therapist and client from the consciousness….

To me, who has given me so many keys, I highly recommend experiencing it, either by training to dedicate yourself to it, either as personal growth or by receiving a massage session. It is never too late to open yourself to the experience, to provide the stage if you find it difficult to take a break in your daily life, to contact yourself and to let go of what is necessary to recover your well-being and your will to live…

I believe that once you experience fullness again and again, even if only for an instant during the session, something lights up inside you, you already know it and almost without realizing it you are heading towards it, you are looking for it in your day to day life?…, fullness not understood as not experiencing pain or fear, sadness or anger anymore, not understood as transforming yourself and becoming another person overnight, but fullness from the ability to illuminate your shadows and welcome them with love, from the knowledge of something greater that sustains you, that shows you a way closer to your essential nature, pure love …The vibration rises and falls, when it rises the clouds disappear and the path, in which you have always been, is shown in all its wonder.
Deeply grateful for all the feeling that this technique brought to my life.

We will continue to learn. Humility and Love.

Tania Monerris
(Spazio Massage student)

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