A vacation of reconnection and pleasure

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Summer vacations are approaching, here is a way to plan them.

Each summer we organize intensive courses for the different levels of training: Introductory, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. In the news section you can see the dates for the next courses.

A different way to enjoy your time, besides being able to share contact with other people, with human quality, love and many surprises.

Offering you a quality training, to know how to connect with your body and with the other in order to release the tensions of the body and mind. Through this exciting and innovative massage technique turned into art.The summer holidays are approaching and we present a way to plan them.

Career opportunities for practitioners of massage and alternative therapies are increasing as more people are discovering the value of mindful bodywork. conscious bodywork in cases of rehabilitation, emotional purification and health maintenance. There is much more demand in this field than a few years ago.

We will share 8 days in a special natural environment, a seventeenth century farmhouse, with good food and deep encounters from the heart, a very nourishing way to get to know each other or to deepen intimacy with your partner.

For more information about dates and prices, please write to the school’s e-mail address: info@masajecaliforniano.com.

We look forward to seeing you all.

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