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Introduction to Californian Massage


The introductory course is part of the Basic Level, and designed to be a taster for the student, so that he or she can then decide whether or not to elaborate on the subject.

Schedule: 10am – 7pm Sat. and Sun.

The Initiative practice and theory course for Spazio Californian Massage is a necessary requisite for the Formative course and is given in 2 days.

The participants will learn a complete front and back routine, with the basic elements of Californian Massage; techniques to connect with the client with emphasis on the quality of contact and presence. We will use practices to help center and connect with our roots in order to easily work from the Hara, or primordial energy center. This helps to create more flexibility and movement, increasing our own capacity to perceive and have an inexhaustible source of energy readily available.

This whole process is accompanied by the Breath, which is key to this work.

This course is directed towards beginners and therapists with experience in body work and physical practices.

This course will be given twice or three times in a year in Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid in monthly weekend modules, twice in a year in Barcelona weekly classes and in summer intensive-residencial program.

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Training in Californian Massage


The complete training program of CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE has 3 levels and is given in monthly weekend modules, weekly clases in Barcelona or the summer intensive-residencial program.

  • BASIC LEVEL: 5 monthly weekend modules in Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid, sixteen weekly classes in Barcelona or 9 days (residential). If you have done the Introductory Course in Barcelona, Mallorca or Madrid, will be 7 days
  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: 4 monthly weekend modules in Barcelona and Mallorca or 8 days (residential)
  • ADVANCE LEVEL: 4 monthly weekend modules in Barcelona and Mallorca or 8 days (residential)

Class Structure


The structure of each module is first based on some form of physical practice, followed by the development of the corresponding theory and then by demonstrations by the instructor and practice sessions (giving and receiving) through which knowledge, ability, and the necessary experience is acquired to work in a holistic way; not only effectively but also sensitively and professionally.

This work is complemented by basic knowledge of energy balancing, active Osho meditations, conscious breathing, movement (The 5rhythms practice by Gabrielle Roth and the Continuum technique) All this helps us to obtain a higher consciousness about our bodies and more relaxation.

Also, the fundamental basis for this practice is to learn to take care of our hands and body in such a way that one can work without getting tired or hurt.



The focal point of this course is to understand the concept of Sapzio Californian Massage, the all encompassing wave that characterises it, learning how to move the energy in a person through rythmic changes and pressure during the massage. One will learn how to consciously touch, using different parts of the hands to work on the more voluminous and superficial muscles.

Special attention will be given to the stature of the body and the way to move around the stretcher, in order to learn how to work without effort..

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The focal point of this level is the attention for detail, therefore it is absolutely necessary to have mastered the subjects treated in the basic level. Several specific techniques will be shown and practised.

We study structurally more complex areas of the body such as the hips, forearms and hips, and deeper areas of neck tensions amongst others. Spazio Californian Massage will offer you more than 500 movements to use, according to the patient’s needs.

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In this level we require that the student has fully masteredand practiced the subjects seen in the basic and intermediate levels. The objectives of this course are multiple; one learns how to move blocked energy in different ways to those studied in previous levels.

It’s not easy to harmoniously mobilise a patient on the stretcher with long movements and various techniques just as it isn’t easy to move energy when the patient is more voluptuous. The student needs to have achieved basic and intermediate level before being able to attend this course.

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Study Program


Californian Massage Spazio main objective is for each student to develop sensitivity, intuitive consciousness and trust. Also to acquire the ability to center oneself, maintain fluidity and to be truly present while they give a massage.

When these elements are combined with mastery, vital energy is unblocked and flows, which is the essence of this work.

Californian massage Spazio integrates sophisticated body work techniques with a profound respect for the transforming power of loving contact.


  • Before anything else, to move with respect and care
  • To touch from a state of quiet meditation
  • To put conscious presence before technique
  • To develop intuitive perception and the capacity to pay attention
  • To treat everyone equally
  • To work with humility

This course is available to those who wish to grow or perfect themselves professionally as well as those who wish to gain this experience as a part of their transformation, healing, and self recognition process. This course can change and radically amplify the comprehension that we have of our body and contact with another.

This course is at the service of those who wish to more intimately incorporate their heart with their work and take responsibility for their health and life.


  • Beginners
  • Couples who wish to explore a new form of contact
  • Health professionals who wish to incorporate new techniques
  • Those who wish to learn to touch and be touched from a deeper place, incorporating dance into everyday work, breathing and meditation through subtly detailed, modern and efficient techniques


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